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Best for PUR 600L
Best for PUR
New, ref # 8701
Best for PUR 600L
Best for PUR
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Best for PUR 600L


Conserve your PUR! This system is designed for open glue pots and can keep the PUR glue fresh when not in use. There are over 40 systems sold already worldwide and PFP has introduced the system here in the US now. The overall feedback from users is very positive and so far, the longest conservation of PUR was up to 5 days while cleaning glue pots only every 3 months! Can you imagine not having to drain, clean and have that downtime after running PUR?

The system consists of two units, one being the control unit/supply and the other a large cover. When the PUR production is done, or needs to be interrupted you pull out the glue pot, put the cover over the pot and turn the system on. The system will then create a dry air environment inside of the cover and monitor the status. When you need the glue pot again you just take the cover off and put the glue pot with the same PUR back in.

It is really as easy as it sounds, plus all the benefits and cost savings you gain. Here are some of the items you don’t have to worry about anymore:

  • Less PUR waste – no draining required. Just keep the glue in the pot for the next production
  • Less time for cleaning, dismantling – safe the time of draining the pot, scraping glue, dismantling the parts
  • Less time to prepare and fill the pot – use the glue in pot from last production. No need of final cleaning for the parts and then installing them
  • Less wear on the coating and mechanical parts on pot – cleaning only necessary when no PUR production for a longer time. Mechanical parts won’t need to be extracted or inserted resulting in less wear. Incorrect fitting or installing resulting in damage will be minimized
  • Less fumes for the employees – operators will be around fumes less
  • Very little maintenance – filters and cleaning of air regulators
  • Better flexibility – Be ready when you need to fit a small PUR job in between an EVA job




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Ref #: 8701