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Print Finishing Equipment

We at PFP are aware of the growing importance servicing your equipment and can offer you a variety of capabilities on print finishing equipment’s. We also can find you late models, rebuilds or as-is equipment’s for your finishing department and help selling your surplus equipment.Our factory trained technicians with man years of experience specialized on Kolbus and Mueller Martini equipment will support you with excellent service. Because of our experience and commitment in the business we can support you with many needs you might have other than regular service, like improving the quality of your products, assisting you adapting to the change our market is going, preventive maintenance plans or inspection service with detailed checklists and more.

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The one stop partner for all your print finishing needs

Used bindery equipment

When it comes to finding used equipment for your production, PFP can guide you from the start to the end

New equipment installations

Installing your new equipment can easily get very overwhelming. There are many ways to have your machine installed but with us as your partner, we will find the perfect way together.

Excellent machine rebuilds

PFP understands this difficult economy time. Alternative in purchasing new equipment we can offer you excellent rebuilds on your existing machines.

New and used print finishing parts

Need parts? With our close connection to print finishing re-builders in Germany we can import new and used parts for your equipment!


Best for PUR

The innovative solution for PUR bookbinders! Conserve your PUR adhesive with this money saving invention. Don’t waste your time with cleaning glue pots and wasting PUR, use the time to run production and be flexible when having to switch adhesives!

Hang Paper Drills and Riveting Machines

Constantin Hang Maschinen-Production GmbH of Germany is located in Goeppingen, Germany. As one of the global leading manufacture of fastening technique and paper drilling equipment Hang is offering proven riveting solutions and paper drilling machine. Hang is a worldwide name for extremely powerful and progressive fastening technology for over 100 years!

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