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ShortRun & SingleCopy Equipments for Photo book, Soft & Hardcover production

Bindery Quality Controls and Signature Recognition Systems

DGR Graphic GmbH of Espelkamp, Germany have developed a revolutionary line of ShortRun and SingleCopy Equipments for the production of Soft and Hardcover products. The equipment featuring quick make-readies without the need for make-ready parts.
The DGR line up also includes now the new OCS Optical control system for image and barcode recognition

DGR D.09
DGR OCS High-Resolution Camera
DGR GC Glue Camera System
  • KM.41 ShortRun Perfect Binder for Hardcover book blocks and Softcover products: The KM.41 ShortRun binder is a fully automatic machine for the production of hardcover book blocks with integrated endsheet application and backlining material.
    The machine can accept loose gathered single sheets or folded signatures as well as sewn book blocks. It has very short set-up time and does not require any make-ready parts for the change over of formats or changes in the binding style.
  • D.09 ShortRun Three-knife trimmer: The revolutionary new D.09 Three-knife trimmer features many new design features and respective patents including the elimination of cutting tables or pressing blocks or use of any make-ready parts. The trimmer is an integral part of the new DGR Book production in-line solution and is also available for existing binder lines to speed up make-readies and throughput or as a stand alone trimmer.
  • D.09 SingleCopy Three-knife trimmer: This zero make-ready machine is recognizing the product information with a barcode reader on the infeed conveyor. Servo motors do the 100% zero make-ready full automatically, so different product sizes can be trimmed.
  • E.30/FE.33 ShortRun Casing-in and Building-in machine: Extremely quick set up time without the need for make-ready parts. For the production of square back books.
    The E.30/FE.33 ShortRun casing-in with building-in machine is developed for the industrial finishing of hard-cover books in smaller quantities. A fast and tool-less changeover makes this machine particularly suitable for production in short runs. The casing-in includes: Feeding conveyor, casing-in for square-back books and the joint-forming and pressing station
  • E.01/F.03 Casing-in and Building-in machine: For diary production DGR offers the E.01/F.03 casing-in/building-in machine
  • OCS Optical Control System: High-resolution camera that sets new standards and makes Errors impossible
  • GC Glue control system: Inspection system for perfect bound books