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Coating of PUR glue pot

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Excellent machine rebuilds



PFP understands this difficult economy time. Alternative in purchasing new equipment we can offer you excellent rebuilds on your existing machines and help you making the right decision. Our staff has the knowledge and understanding to not only rebuilding your equipment, it is our goal to bring the machine to the original factory specifications for optimum performance, quality and longevity.

Rebuilding EVA glue pots

EVA glue pots are probably the hardest working unit in a perfect binder while being the most neglected part as well. After years of production the condition of glue pots will get to a point where they create more issues and eat up time. Rebuilding a glue pot is very time consuming which is why PFP can offer complete rebuilds to get your glue pot back to its factory condition. We also offer rebuild EVA glue pots!


Complete machine rebuilds with warranty!

Before rebuild
During rebuild
After rebuild