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Ripon Printers Acquires State-of-the-Art Hang 255-10 Drill

September 2016 Ripon, Wisconsin Ripon drills down on bindery technology: Ripon Printers, a leading printer and marketing services provider, has acquired the Hang 255-10 double drill head from Print Finishing Partners (PFP). This flexible high-speed paper drill is capable of drilling up to 3,000 piles per hour with a pile read more…

Hang Drill Head Rebuild Service

Don’t have all the parts in stock in order to rebuild your drill head?… Don’t have them ready when needed?… Not enough time to rebuild them?… Not sure what is wrong with them?… PFP offers the service of rebuilding your drilling heads for your Hang drill. We only use original read more…

Press release Transcontinental

Transcontinental has purchased a high speed inline paper drill. The 245-10 from Hang will be the fastest and most advanced paper drill in Canada. Servo drive technology for book transportation and drill heads, production up to 3” pile heights and 2.000 piles per hour are just a few of the read more…