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Ripon Printers Acquires State-of-the-Art Hang 255-10 Drill

Ripon Printers Acquires State-of-the-Art Hang 255-10 Drill

September 2016
Ripon, Wisconsin
Ripon drills down on bindery technology:

Ripon Printers, a leading printer and marketing services provider, has acquired the Hang 255-10 double drill head from Print Finishing Partners
(PFP). This flexible high-speed paper drill is capable of drilling up to 3,000 piles per hour with a pile height of up to 3 inches. The Hang
255-10 is the world’s fastest inline paper drill and the first one in the North American market.

The recently installed machine not only replaced two older inline drills, it increased the quality, lowered downtime to almost zero
and reduced staff requirements while raising the overall output.


“Keeping up with new technology in every phase of the production process is essential for delivering the highest quality, fastest turnarounds and most competitive pricing to our customers,” says Ripon Printers’ President and CEO Andy Lyke. “We are constantly looking for every technology edge we can get, and this new addition is an excellent example.”

About Ripon Printers
Ripon Printers specializes in the production and distribution of catalogs, direct mail and digital
communications for catalog marketers and publishers. The company’s hallmarks are flexible scheduling that meets today’s fast-paced marketing environment, exceptional customer training programs that improve clients’ productivity and equipment diversity for handling a wide range of needs. The result is a customer experience that is friendly, efficient and hassle free.

About PFP
Print Finishing Partners offers a variety of service capabilities on print finishing equipment and is
the exclusive agent for Hang, WST and DGR in the North American market. Their factory trained technicians have many years of experience and commitment in the business and can support not only regular service needs but preventive maintenance, inspection service and more. Their staff has the knowledge and understanding to not only rebuild equipment but bring the machine to
the original factory specifications for optimum performance, quality and longevity. From moving to installations their highest priority is the competent and complete care of their customers.