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Hang Drill Head Rebuild Service

Hang Drill Head Rebuild Service

Don’t have all the parts in stock in order to rebuild your drill head?…
Don’t have them ready when needed?…
Not enough time to rebuild them?…
Not sure what is wrong with them?…

PFP offers the service of rebuilding your drilling heads for your Hang drill. We only use original parts from Hang for our inventory which is always updated. Our staff has the knowledge and understanding to not only rebuild your drilling head, it is our goal to bring them to the original factory specifications for optimum performance, quality and longevity.

Scope of work:
• Detailed cleaning of the complete head.
• All bearings and bushings will be exchanged during the rebuild.
• Drill heads will be numbered, tracked and returned with report of service.
• Every part will be inspected on correct function and wear. Only if necessary parts will be exchanged.

Additional services on request:

• Silicone line renewed
• Drill breakage sensors will get checked and renewed if requested.
• Pressure foot renewed if requested and modified to needed drill bit size.
• Missing parts will be renewed if requested.

Hang drill heads are the most reliable on the market!
Unleash yours again and have them rebuild by your Hang agent!