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WST Barcode reader number 10,000

WST Barcode reader number 10,000

On December 12th 2007, Knut Krueger, WST VP International Sales, delivered the 10,000th OBC Barcode Reader sold to Heiko Heinemann, GGP Media, a division of the Mohn Media Group.

The WST Barcode Signature Recognition System is in high demand in binderies all over the world. Binderies understand the value of barcode signature recognition over optical image scanning in eliminating binding errors.

Heinemann said that GGP Media has equipped their new Muller Martini 3681 gathering machine and an older 3690 model with the WST OBC. “We are 100% satisfied with the performance we’re getting. How can you complain when we have a zero error rate? We are reducing the costs associated with fixing errors, and our clients are complimenting us on the quality of the output,” Heinemann said.

Every signature is printed by the industry standard 2/5 interleaved barcode equipment. The WST Barcode Reader checks every printed signature against each barcode, so errors are impossible. It’s the only quality control system that can guarantee 100% accuracy.