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OBC4-60 Bar Code Signature Recognition
OBC4-60 Bar Code Signature Recognition
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WST OBC 4-60 Bar Code Signature Recognition System

The WST OBC 4-60 Bar Code Signature Recognition System is used in gathering machines and saddle-stitchers to identify signatures or entire stacks that are faulty themselves or have been loaded incorrectly. It requires only 3/32″ (2 mm) height barcodes.
A central computer is responsible for the administration and communication within the network. Make-ready is very simple and is done by only one operating button.
At the time of pulling the signatures Bar Code readers scan the printed Bar Code. The Bar Code is compared to one previously taught or entered via the keyboard. If any differences are detected the wrong signature will either be ejected or the machine stopped, depending on the system used.

System overview

The WST OBC 4-60 Bar Code Signature Reading System consists of the following components:
• Bar Code readers
• Station processors,
• Display with IR remote control unit and
• Central processing unit


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