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OBC 1-1 Opto-Bar-Code-Control
OBC 1-1 Opto-Bar-Code-Control
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WST OBC 1-1 Opto-Bar-Code

Signature Recognition Systems

The WST OBC 1-1 Bar Code Signature Recognition System can be used in gathering machines, saddle stitchers and folding machines to identify wrong signatures. It requires only 3/32″ (2 mm) height barcodes.
This system is designed for shorter machines with only few pockets. Each pocket has it own control box.
During the feeding process sections will pass a reading head which is installed in an appropriate position in the section feeder.
To identify wrong signatures all sections have Bar Codes printed on them.
Each Bar Code will be compared to the code learned before to check whether both are identical. If any differences are detected the wrong signature will either be ejected or the machine stopped, depending on the system used.
The MTR 12 Bar Code reader reads the 2/5 interleave Bar Code because of its extremely high information density. It is capable of symbolizing digits from 0 to 9.
It is capable of reading pharmaceutical packing code as well.

System overview
The optical section control system consists of the following components:
• Operating unit OBC1-1
• Bar Code reader MTR12-20, MTR12-70/90*, MTR12-100
• Proximity switch or electric eye


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