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Acoro A7 Perfect Binding Line with PUR
Muller Martini
Made in 2007 ref # 4564 with PUR
Acoro A7 Perfect Binding Line with PUR
Muller Martini
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Muller Martini Acoro A7 Perfect Binding Line

Muller Martini 3693 Gathering Machine

15 stations
Automatic signature thickness control ASAC and automatic signature type control ASIR 3
Reject unit 3715
Set-up element
Intermediate element
Book Block Feeder 3642
Transfer to the binder
Converter compressed air to vacuum PIAB

Muller Martini Acoro A7 Perfect Binder

22 clamps
Color monitor with touch screen
Book measuring table
Main milling station
2 separate spine preparing units (without dust exhaust system)
1st Hotmelt spine gluing unit
Premelter for spine gluing unit type ICS C80
Hotmelt side gluing unit with premelter for side gluing unit
2nd Hotmelt spine gluing unit (without premelter)
Interchangeable PUR spine nozzle gluing unit with premelter type Meler Micron Pur
Drum cover feeder with vacuum pump
Scoring station
2 pressing stations
Lay down device

Muller Martini conveyor system

Approximate 60 Meter (196 Feet) conveyor system, Reject system before three-knife trimmer

Muller Martini Merit S Three-knife trimmer, made in 2000

For three side trimming of book blocks and brochures,
Book infeed from the right side
Touch screen monitor
Automated servo motor make-ready
Jig for perfect setting of knives setting outside machine
2 sets of knives,
2 sets of plastic cutting sticks,
1 set of standard cutting tables
1 set of standard clamp plates and holders
Technical documentations

Muller Martini CB 16 Stacker, made in 1999

For stacking of books, magazines, telephone directories, catalogues and book blocks.
With turning device
Delivery to the right

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Ref #: 4564