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345 FlexFlow Paper Drill
New, ref # 8034
345 FlexFlow Paper Drill
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Hang 345 Flex-flow Paper Drill

Inline multi-spindle paper drilling machine with tangential chain drive
Modular changeable material flow through changing the feed belts and exchanging a small number of parts
Machine can be swivelled and moved on rollers
Feed and removal of the stack can be individually adapted to customer requirements, to match the downstream processing machines
Drill feed and material transport with servo drive
Positioning device for aligning the brochures into longitudinal and transverse directions
Drill stroke with servo drive
Programmable drill speed and drill feed speed
Fine adjustment of the drilling depth on the display
Adjustment of the upper stop position of the drill to match the actual stack height
Soft touchdown mode for performance increase and reduction of drill bit breakages, switchable
Simple format adjusting – Adjustment of the rear stop is carried out via handwheel and threaded spindle with position display
Capacity: up to 1,700 stacks / hr. with 50 mm stack height depending on paper quality

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Ref #: 8034