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270-00 Riveting Machine
270-00 Riveting Machine
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Hang 270-00 High Speed Twin Head Riveting Line


The machine is equipped with State-of-the-Art technology
Modular construction
New positioning system is servo motor driven
– Very accurate positioning with lowest possible tolerance
– Higher speed and with more output (up to 60 cycles/min)
– High level of robustness
– High level of running smoothness
– Friction free positioning
– Residue-free binder flat feeding system.
– Pusher pawls are equipped with castors
– The binder flat infeed module is equipped with latest vacuum technology enabling also the most difficult and sensitive binder flat surface to be operated on the machine.
The machine is able to operate paper board as well as polypropylene material. The creasing module can be equipped with heated creasing tools. (optional)
Each modular station can be separately activated and deactivated.
Each separate station is equipped with State-of-the-Art error sensor system which indicates errors directly at the according station in order to stop the machine immediately.
The error indication on the display refers to each station
The servo-motors and axes driven by a PLC program allow format changes within shortest possible time ( matter of seconds)

Standard equipment

Twin Head
Vibrator Bowl Feeder for Rivets
Ring Metal Feeder
Automatic Cover Feeder
Modem for Online Service


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