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256-10 High Speed Inline Paper Drill
New, ref # 8036
256-10 High Speed Inline Paper Drill
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Hang 256-10 High Speed Paper Drill


Exclusively for paper drilling within companies in the graphics industry


Inline paper drilling machine, feeding of one-ups or stacks
Dual feeding stream for handling more products by not increasing the transport speed
Dual drill stations, each station can handle up to 5 drill heads
Suitable for connection with binders, adhesive binders and three-lipped core drills, or similar
Separation with stack slide feed from front, pneumatically actuated
Safer and more gentle transport of the stacks through 2 pneumatically retractable pawls
Positioning device for aligning the stack in the direction of transport
Flexible high performance drilling system for maximum production capacities for sewn or glued products
Drilling heads easily adjusted and changed due to tangential chain drive
Fast, reproducible format changeover through two adjusting spindles and digital position displays
Option to save all parameters to be recalled for repeat orders
Drill stroke with dynamic servo drive
Soft touchdown mode for performance enhancement and reduction of drill bit breakages
Controllable dynamic stack transport speed through servo drive
Capacity:  up to 3,000 cycles/h depending on stack height and paper quality


2 Drill mounting blocks, 10 drill spindles (2 x 5)
Drill cooling and lubrication device
Drill breakage control
Automatic drill matrix
Modem for online diagnostic
Infeed conveyor



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Ref #: 8036