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New WST CAM4-60 Camera Control System

New WST CAM4-60 Camera Control System
Kolbus ZU841

Introducing the new WST Cam 4-60

WST, a German based company was founded 1975 and is operating worldwide, manufacturing signature recognition systems and bindery quality control systems.

The new designed high-resolution camera system WST Cam 4-60 is developed especially for gathering machines and saddle stitchers. It sets new standards in comparing print images. Optional this system and its 1.57” square reading pane can even decode the most common type of barcodes like the 2/5 interleaved, Code 128, Code 39 and the pharmaceutical code. The user interface is intentional developed to create an operator friendly use thru the 17” touch screen monitor.

Recently we successfully installed 9 Cameras on a Heidelberg Saddle stitcher ST-100 in order to compare pharmacodes on signatures and covers. The system was implemented into the Heidelberg stitcher with special wishes like rejecting signatures, manually entering of the code into the WST system, remote access and much more. The WST Cam 4-60 had to go thru an excessive acceptation trial which the client is demanding to all their control system in order to ensure 100% quality and to be accepted into their production.

The Mid Island Group based in Farmingdale, NY has also recently purchased 15 Cameras for their Kolbus ZU841 gathering machine. After a testing period with 2 Cameras installed on Mid Island’s daily production the WST Cam 4-60 is replacing the original system. Mid Island a Trade bindery that produces very difficult types of signatures like high gloss, directories, etc. on their gathering machine was very impressed with the performance and simplicity of the new WST Cam 4-60.

We at Print Finishing Partners the exclusive agent for WST in North America are confident that this new Camera System will eliminate your problems when it comes to ensure your quality, reduce unnecessary downtime and rejects.

Please contact us for more information or a trial on your machine and other products from WST like the WST 1-4 Cam, the WST Glue Control, the OBC Barcode Control and many more quality control systems.