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GC1-1 glue camera goes South!

GC1-1 glue camera goes South!

WST GC1-1 thermal glue camera install in Brazil

Geografica Editora based in Santo Andre, Brazil has purchased the first WST GC1-1 thermo camera in South America! PFP has just finished the installation on the Kolbus perfect binder KM473 equipped with a PUR and EVA glue roller system that now has the ability to inspect every single glue application produced on a daily base.
The small dimension of the camera has allowed the installation between the side glue pot and mull station.

The operators have accepted the system and its user-friendly touch screen computer during the first day of training. Just a slight adjustment on the spinner, scrappers or glue wheel heights would show immediately on the live 3D image and alert the operator in case glue is missing, holes or unevenness.
Furthermore, the operator now has the ability to use the live image to make sure the glue application is even and sufficient instead of trying to peak into the machine.

The WST GC1-1 gives the operator the option of either being alerted visual, audible or by stopping the machine after each bad book or the chosen subsequent error.

Geografica Editora can now download “Inspect reports” of all the jobs via USB or network.
The system can also be accessed remotely via Ethernet