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Finishing of complete Kolbus – Mueller Martini bookline

Finishing of complete Kolbus - Mueller Martini bookline

PFP finished the install of a 2011 MM Diamant MC line with Vesta jacketing machine!

This large project started in September 2018 with the dismantle of this MM Diamant MC line. All machines were securely packed for storage (read more in previous post). Shortly after that a 2007 Kolbus KM 473 perfect binding was also dismantled and packed to be stored with the MM Diamant MC line so that our client can prepare his facility for the new equipment.
Due to the high volume production of our client, PFP installed the MM Diamant MC line temporary in February 2019. Once the line was in full production, we dismantled and shipped an older 2001 MM Diamant which PFP purchased from the client.

After other equipment was moved aside, the first step for the new layout was started in March 2019 by installing the 2007 Kolbus KM 473 binding line (see more details in previous post) into its new location.

End of April PFP then moved the MM Diamant MC line from its temporary position to its final, while adding the Vesta jacketing machine.

The project has now come to an successful end where PFP has played a key partner for our client from start to end.