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PFP finished installing a 2011 Kolbus KM 600 Perfect Binding line

PFP finished installing a 2011 Kolbus KM 600 Perfect Binding line

PFP finished installing a 2011 Kolbus KM 600 Perfect binding line successfully!

A few months back PFP closed the deal on selling this nice 2011 Kolbus binder with EVA, PUR, gauzing station, stream cover feeder, automatic measuring table, remote access 360 and low mileage!
The gathering machine ZU 832 consist of 21 pockets including a camera system and handfeed station. The popular Kolbus HD 153.P is the finish of this project.

After removing, packing and shipping the trade-in KM 470, PFP started the install of the KM 600. Once all was up and running PFP started the operator training before the line went in production.

Dave Erstad, Plant Manager at Forum Communications Printing:
“Forum Communications Printing engaged with PFP to purchase a perfect binding line to replace our existing machine. The process for us from start to finish went very smoothly. We counted on their expertise to help guide us through this process on recommending the proper machine for us. They found us a great machine in excellent condition. Once we started placing the machine on the floor, we could see their attention to detail as well as their open and caring attitude. We were impressed with their ability to work with our team to make sure we got off to a good start with the new machine. We had high expectations and all of them were met by PFP. We plan to have them come back again in the fall to help us continue to become more efficient. Thanks again to PFP for all their hard work, dedication, and simply a good company and people to work with.”

Arrival of KM 600
KM 600 on floor
Old KM 470 ready to ship
Staging the equipment
Binder in position
Layout coming together
Equipment start up and debugging
Getting ready for the first job
Fully loaded gathering line