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DGR Photo book trimmer and Kolbus case-maker installation

DGR Photo book trimmer and Kolbus case-maker installation

Successful installation of a DGR D.09 Photo Book three-knife trimmer and Kolbus DA 260 casemaker

Print Finishing Partners has successfully installed a DGR SingleCopy three-knife trimmer and Kolbus case-maker at Marathon Press.
“We had the DGR 3 knife layflat book trimmer installed prior to the 2020 holiday season and it lived up to our expectations and more. The biggest take away was the ability to speed up production and reduce temporary staffing needs. As well as reduce cutting errors keeping books moving through the line smoothly.
“The Kolbus DA 260 casemaker helped immensely through holiday season and has really showed it’s strength through our yearbook season. “
Max Alewel, Managing Partner at Marathon Press
The DGR with “Photo Books and Layflat Edition” trimmer is the perfect fit for their production that consist mostly of trimming premium Layflat books.
With this installation Marathon Press was able to increase production and minimize the amount of manpower and machinery that was needed before.
Besides the zero-make-ready time this DGR D.09 is equipped with barcode reading for automatic format adjusting, an inline print head that will print information for downstream machinery, double cut feature for the perfect final cut, Teflon coated knifes and silicone brushes for cleaning of the knifes.
The 2019 Kobus DA 260 case-maker was a showroom model – in “like new” condition and has enabled Marathon Press to a much higher output when producing cases.

Kolbus DA 260
DGR D.09