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Flexible high speed inline paper drilling machine

246-10/30 up to 2000 piles per hour

The Hang 246-10 high speed inline drilling machine is not just one of the fastest drills on the market, its well build construction and precise performance sets it apart from the competition.
The dynamic servo drive technology for the drill heads is the result for an optimal production output. Separate stroke speeds for the up and down movement of the drill heads, plus a “soft touch” feature for gentle drilling into the top product create a high speed but smooth application. Another significant advantage of the drilling head servo drive is the fine adjustment of the drilling depth which will precisely move the drill head in
0.0039” steps lower.
Outstanding variability of the machine allows you to set the initial starting position of the drilling heads to the individual pile height which eliminates idle running of the drills and increase productivity.
The drill bit rotation speed is also variable and can be set individual from the stroke in and out of the product.
The feeding of the piles is also realized with the dynamic servo motor drive in order to achieve high transportation speed while maintaining smooth and exact positioning at the same time.
Important format sizes and servo motor settings can easily be saved into the touch screen monitor for faster make-ready.
The machine can be built with either a left- or right infeed and comes on castings in order to easily move it around for possible offline production as well.

Drill heads
Powerful drill head motor
Drill head with mounting gauge
Tangential Chain Drive
  • Newest additions are direct tangential drive chain for simple adjustment and replacement of drilling heads.
  • New larger silicone reservoir that can be filled from the outside of the machine and therefore won’t interrupt the production.
  • New PLC and VPN capable remote connection in order to meet today’s technology.
  • Lighting in the operator area and electrical cabinet for better visibility.
  • Other proven configurations that already came with the 245-10 are two transport pushers which guarantee smooth trouble free and fast transport of the piles.
  • The Quick-action chuck for fast and easy exchange of drill bits. Special mounting gauge allows the drill heads to be installed to the desired drilling matrix. No more measuring or correcting of the drill head spacing. The gauge can be removed easily without tools.
  • Extremely quick set up time using hand wheels and digital displays due to quick size adjustments.
  • Silicone cooling for lubrication and cooling of drill bits.
  • Drill breakage control and automatic indexing drilling matrix to protect drill bits and assure a clean cut of the bottom sheets.

The difference

Quality made in Germany with over 100 years of experience. As one of the global leading manufacturer of fastening technique and paper drilling equipment Hang is offering proven solution for paper drilling machines. The paper drill heads are the most reliable on the market!


  • Automatic indexing drilling matrix ( paper board ), 300m long, protects drill bits and assures a clean cut of the bottom sheets.
  • Automatic lubrication and cooling system. The silicone based spray does not show residues on the paper and does not drip.
  • Drill breakage control.
  • Model 246/30 with infeed on the right side feeding products to the left side.
  • Drill bit sharpener
  • Infeed and delivery conveyor
Optional infeed belt

Paper drill head install

In this Video we show the easy install of the drill heads.
The head is being held with two bolts and positioned with special mounting gauges that will position the heads exactly to your drill hole pattern.
Each drill head is connected to the air/silicone cooling system and drill breakage via quick connectors – No tools necessary

Drill bits are easy secured in place with a bushing that is tighten with an bolt.

The cardboard roll assures a clean cut of the bottom sheets

Make-ready procedure

This video shows the steps of the make-ready settings after the drill heads are set. All dials are clearly visible, easy to change and locked when done.

Once all guides are set for the new size the servo drives need to be set via the touch screen monitor. Job settings like drill bit and stroke speed can be stored and easily re-load.

Thanks to the servo drive technology settings like transport speed, drill stroke, drill bit speed and more can be adjusted on the fly,

See the 246-10 flexible high speed inline paper drilling machine in action!

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Product overview and specs

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