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Bindery Quality Controls and Signature Recognition Systems

The WST family of post press sensing and control systems are designed to eliminate human errors and drastically reducing costs.

WST, a German based company was founded in 1975 and is operating worldwide, manufacturing signature recognition and bindery control systems. WST was the first German company that developed a zonal sensor (formally known as “Opticontrol”) today as “OSC OPTO-SENSOR-CONTROL”.
Print Finishing Partners is the exclusive agent for WST in North America

WST Barcode reader on drum feeder
GC Glue Camera 3D Image
WST CAM High-Resolution Camera

WST – Control Systems

  • CAM 4-60 Camera-Control-System: High resolution camera system that sets new standards and makes errors impossible
  • OBC Opto-Barcode-Control: 100% solution to reading barcodes line by line
  • OSC Opto-Sensor-Control: Zonal sensor that has been sold more than 40,000x worldwide and still today it is successfully integrated.
  • GC1-1 Glue-Control: Innovative thermo – graphic glue control system that was designed to check all your adhesive bound products and ensure their quality.
  • CAM Recognition-Control: Our widest range of reading possibilities that can be utilized in the wide segment of industrial automation.
  • OBS- Opto-Blank Sheet-Control: Quality control before printed products get folded with this blank sheet sensor
  • GTDC Glue-Track-Drop-Control: The system was designed to detect liquids underneath the nozzle and ensure the correct extrusion of your application
  • Aqua-Jet 01: Moisture spray device to prevent books stack from slipping when in transport