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CAM1-4 Camera-Recognition-System
CAM1-4 Camera-Recognition-System
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WST CAM1-4 Camera-Recognition-System


The WST Cam is capable to recognize barcodes, text, marks, logos etc. It can be used to detect 1D/2D Codes, OCR/OCV, label control, address matching, sequence control, zip code transitions, mark detection at stacks, print control, contour detection and more. In the field of the printing industry e.g. it can be utilized to recognize pharmaceutical package inserts or specific premium cardboard packaging and even in the wide segment of industrial automation the WST Cam is a great choice as well.

The benefit of the compact design for the WST Cam reading heads realizes mounting it even in machines with limited space. Recognition Control can read a barcode on top and/or on the bottom of the sheet. The user interface is intentional developed to create an operator friendly use. The WST 15” Touch screen monitor can be connected with up to three WST Cameras. In the learn mode the system is memorizing an image, barcode, marks or whatever needs to be identified. All located errors will be clearly represented on the monitor and signals i.e. for stopping the machine or rejecting can be realized thru a defined interface

OCR/OCV Optical Characters
▪ Recognition and verify character learning (max 40 character)
▪ Mask generator
▪ Reading, verifying or pixel counting
▪ Up to 2 different reading templates
▪ Up to 30 characters in one template
▪ Template for adjustment
▪ Scalable parameters
▪ Adjustable parameters
▪ White objects on dark background
▪ Dark objects on white background
▪ Suitable for inkjet code
▪ Reading-speed approximately 3ms/Object + get picture time 17 ms
▪ Shows overlay
▪ User application

Contour tracing
▪ Perimeter
▪ Surface
▪ Smallest enclosing rectangle
▪ Main focus

Reading window 21 x 17mm at 55mm code distance
Reading window 32 x 25mm at 80mm code distance
Reading window 40 x 30mm at 100mm code distance


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