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PE312 Embossing Stamping machine
Made in 2022, ref # 1244
PE312 Embossing Stamping machine
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Kolbus PE 312 Embossing – Stamping Press

For blind embossing, film embossing and hot embossing of firm, flexible and plastic cases.

standard equipment:
– copilot system with touch screen
– case pre-stacking conveyor (positioning with case overlap)
– case bending station
– case supply with 90° pivoting option
– film feeder with 2 film pulling rollers
– unwinder
– film withdrawal unit
– motorised embossing head adjustment (max. 70 mm)
– divided embossing table plate
– correction rails for positioning precisely according to the register
– temperature-controlled embossing head heater with timer for pre-heating
– linear deposit belt with delivery table incl. overlap width setting
– automatic case counter additional equipment:
– deposit table
– 1 matrix plate with grid holes for accommodation (screw connection)
– set-up for embossing time extension

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Ref #: 1244