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Book Splitting Saw 3502
Muller Martini
Made in 2007, ref # 4863
Book Splitting Saw 3502
Muller Martini
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Muller Martini 3502 Book Splitting Saw
First-Class Two-Up Production

Left hand infeed
Full automated make-ready
Turn-over belt
Transfer belt

Two-up production considerably increases the capacity of the perfect binding line.
For that bookbinders need systems that perform the separation step reliably and with a high output.
The 3502 splitting saw cuts perfect-bound products extremely accurately.
Thanks to full automation, the splitting saw can be quickly changed over without the need for tools.
The siliconization of the saw blade guarantees a long lifetime and reduced maintenance costs.
The splitting saw can be changed over quickly, easily and without tools via the touch-screen.
JDF data can be taken from a higher-level control system.
Another advantage is that data is stored and can be retrieved, which is ideal for repeat jobs.

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Ref #: 4863