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Alegro Binding Line with PUR
Muller Martini
Made in 2017, ref # 4576
Alegro Binding Line with PUR
Muller Martini
Ref #:
Year Manufactured:

Muller Martini Alegro Binding Line

Muller Martini Gathering Machine

Model: 3694
Semi automatic setting
Hand feeding station
Number of gathering stations: 27
ASIR Automatic Signature Image Recognition: ASIR III
ASAC automatic self adjusting caliper
Excluding pump(s), Machine was connected to a centralized air system
Reject gate for incomplete products
Intermediate element with vibrating
Transfer into the binder

Muller Martini Perfect Binder
ONLY 9,500 production hours

MM Alegro A7 with 27 clamps
Commander with touch screen
Book measuring table
Number of clamps: 27
Main milling station
1st spine preparation station
2nd spine preparation station
Base for 1st spine glue system
Cold glue spine gluing, interchangeable
Intermediate drying station (infrared)
Base for 2nd spine glue system
Hotmelt spine glue unit, interchangeable
Premelter for spine glue unit
PUR spine gluing unit, interchangeable
PUR premelter for PUR spine glue unit
Base for side glue system
Hotmelt side glue unit, interchangeable
PUR side glue and premelter
Gauzing station
Stream cover feeder, excluding pump(s)
1st nipping and pressing station
2nd nipping and pressing station
Lay down device (to the left)

MM Transport system at 82 meter with escape delivery

Müller Martini 3502 Splitting saw
Year: 2009

Infeed conveyor from the right
Automatic hopper feeder for inline production
2 saw blades
Belt delivery with turning conveyor

Muller Martini Orbit Three knife trimmer
Year: 2009

Color monitor with touchscreen
Infeed conveyor from the right
Automatic hopper feeder for inline production
Knife pre-setting device
Sets of knives: 2
Exchangeable cutting tables (standard set)

Muller Martini CB 18 Book Stacker
Year: 2009

Compensating stacker
Delivery to the left
Roller table delivery on the left

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Ref #: 4576