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KM 411.B High Speed Publica Binding Line
Made in 2005, ref # 4513
KM 411.B High Speed Publica Binding Line
Ref #:
Year Manufactured:

Kolbus KM 411 Perfect Binder

Kolbus ZU 841.B Gathering Machine

15 x suction belt feed pockets
15 x Signature recognition devices
9 x stream feeders
AS 841 Reject unit for miss-gathered signature
Coupled with KM 411 Publica perfect binder
Air center with compressed air and vacuum pumps

Kolbus KM 411.B Publica Perfect Binder

Copilot technology
25 self-adjusted hinge clamps
Touch screen color graphics display and key pad
Main milling stations
Equalizing station
Nothing station, frequency controlled and speed following
Brushing station
Hotmelt spine gluing station (exchangeable) with Premelter
Hotmelt side gluing station with Premelter
PUR Spine glue unit with Nordson unloader
Gauzing station
Stream cover feeder with 4 scoring wheels
2 Nipping and pressing stations
Straight delivery
Laydown conveyor
Conveyor system:
2 x cooling tower,
Reject conveyor

Wohlenberg TS 11 Book Saw

Magazine with automatic min – max level control
WB 11 Turn-over belt
Technical documentation

Kolbus HD 152.P Three-knife trimmer

Book infeed from the right
Co-Pilot with touch screen interface
Counter stacker build in to the infeed, 2 – 30 mm,
Attachment to run shingle books on the infeed conveyor
1-piece standard cutting tables
Programmable spray device for automatically lubricating knives
Automatic central lubrication
Jig for perfect setting of knives setting outside machine
Back stops with slitting knifes
1 sets of knives
1 set standard clamp plates and holders
Technical documentations

Rima RS 3310.S (XRS 130) Compensation Stacker

Air gates
Side joggers
Delivery to the right with roller delivery
Caster mounted for easy transport
Technical documentation

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Ref #: 4513