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DA 270 case-maker
Made in 2002, ref # 13070
DA 270 case-maker
Ref #:
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Kolbus DA 270 Case-maker

Board pre-stacking conveyor for piles or shingles
Center strip feed for the spine strip made from roll material:
– with automatic splicing devise
– holding capacity for 2 center strip rolls
Shopper for center strip waste
Center strip magazine for stiff spine board
3rd pusher for center strip feeding
Cloth feeder for nonstop operation with pile magazine,
Miss sheet control for cloth feeder
Motorized format adjustments
Attachment for inside lining with animal glue
Digital displays of technical machine malfunction
Device for inside lining with animal glue
Device for padded cases
Device for three-piece cover in two passes
Counter stacker delivery with roller conveyor
Viscosity control unit with water supply
Safety standard according to CE directives and specifications
Technical documentations

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Ref #: 13070