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BF 511 Casing-in and Building-in Machine
Made in 2005, ref # 2743
BF 511 Casing-in and Building-in Machine
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Kolbus BF 511 Compact Line

For rounding, gluing, backlining, headbanding, pressing and
casing-in of book blocks in hard, flexible or plastic cases
and subsequently pressing and joint-forming of books.

• copilot system with “touch screen” monitor
• measuring table
• block supply via telescopic infeed conveyor from the left
• rounding and backing station, correction station
• 5 station frame
• spine gluing unit with circulation
• marking ribbon gluing device
• gauzing station
• spine gluing unit with circulation
• backlining and headbanding station
• pressing station with Teflon band
• case magazine with prestacking conveyor and forming station
• casing-in station (EMP)
• infeed in the book forming and pressing machine
• book forming station
• 2 pressing stations
• delivery straight
• roller belt delivery

Pictures are made before reconditioning.



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Ref #: 2743