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D.09 SingleCopy – ShortRun 3-knife trimmer
New, ref # 30101
D.09 SingleCopy – ShortRun 3-knife trimmer
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DGR D.09 SingleCopyShortRun Three-knife trimmer

The enhanced D.09 SingleCopy three-knife trimmer with barcode reading on the infeed conveyor is a truly Zero make-ready machine.
Every other machine cycles can be used to trim different formats without having the operator doing any changes to the settings of the machine.
A touch screen interface is used for setting up the machine in case no barcodes available. Jobs can be stored into the control panel and recalled.
No make-ready parts and fine tuning is necessary.

State-Of-The-Art three-knife trimmer

Technical description:

Barcode identification on infeed conveyor
Complete automated servo motor make-ready
Touch screen monitor is used for HMI
Extremely short make-ready time
No make-ready parts-no cutting tables or pressing blocks
Straight infeed
Pre-registering of books in the infeed area
Modular cutting unit design, nearly identical for all three knifes
The cutting units modular design allows for less mass, translating into less vibration and force need for the cutting cycle
Head, tail and front cut simultaneously at two different stations.
Knives are precision guided for exact cut
Transport of the books by a pusher and a clamp for gentle handling eliminating marking
Easy access for changing all knives
The front cut unit is movable for easy access
The waste removal allows the separation from the head-tail and front cut-off
Up to 1,200 cycles/h in SingleCopy mode



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Ref #: 30101