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D.09 ShortRun 3-knife trimmer
New, ref # 30100
D.09 ShortRun 3-knife trimmer
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DGR D.09 ShortRun Three-knife trimmer

Extreme short change over time and no make-ready parts! Also available with one pass inline gate fold trimming.

Three-knife trimmer for ShortRun/SingleCopy Softcover and Hardcover products. The enhanced D.09 three knife trimmer has extreme short change over times and no make-ready parts. Products are trimmed in two separate cutting stations, head and tail trim first and then face trim in the second station.

Technical description:
Extremely short make-ready time at high cutting quality results.
No make-ready parts-no cutting tables or pressing blocks.
Single or stacked book trimmer.
Infeed conveyor will count books in to the hopper.
Modular cutting unit design, nearly identical for all three knifes.
The cutting units modular design allows for less mass, translating into less vibration and force need for the cutting cycle.
Head, tail and front cut simultaneously at two different stations.
Knives are precision guided for exact cut.
Precision application of controlled force of knives eliminates excessive contact with the cutting sticks.
Special sequential closing of the pressing plate releases air between the pages from the spine to the front producing a precise face cut.
Design of the spine pressing plate eliminates wrinkles.
Transport of the books by a pusher and a clamp for gentle handling eliminating marking.
Easy access for changing all knives as the front cut unit is movable for easy access
Pre-registering of books in the infeed area.
The waste removal allows the separation from the head, tail and from front cut-off.
Up to 2400 cycles/h

DGR was the first manufacture who designed very unique short run equipment with no make ready parts and zero set up time. The innovative ideas, technology and revolutionary concepts have been the solution for this competitive business.
After years of gathering more experience in the field, DGR has now released the new enhanced SingleCopy-ShortRun three knife trimmer D.09



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Ref #: 30100