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New Photo Book Casing-in

ShortRun and SingleCopy Casing-in E.31
The new designed DGR casing-in E.31 operates without book splitter and wing to avoid marks on very sensitive book pages.
Compared to the prior design with casing-in machines, the E.31 is the next step that allows the processing of special product


 The E.31 makes efficient production of individual books and short runs with no set-up times or sorting possible.
The machine is equipped with a hand feeding unit and a pair of transport belts replacing the traditional book splitter and wing.
A complete new designed system is pushing the book block vertically through the glue rollers and into the preformed book case.
Book block and book case will be merged together, a forming (joint) bar is holding both parts together during the casing-in process.
Cased-in books are pre-pressed on the laydown drum before getting onto the transport belt and into the building-in machine.

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