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Print Finishing Partners


Print Finishing Partners
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About Us
We at PFP are aware of the growing importance of the service fact and can offer you a variety of service capabilities on print finishing equipment’s. We can find you late models, rebuilds or as-is equipment’s for your finishing department and help selling your surplus equipment. Our factory trained technicians with many years of experience specialized on Kolbus and Muller Martini equipment will support you with excellent service. Because of our experience and commitment in the business we can support you with many needs you might have other than regular service, like improving the quality of your products, assisting you adapting to the changes our market is going, preventive maintenance plans or inspection service with detailed checklists and more.

Used bindery equipment
Purchasing used machinery over the last years is getting more popular and the market is “glowing”! This of course has to do with financial pressure some printers have to deal with while just not having the cash to purchase new but also because the used equipment market has to offer a better, younger and larger variety of machines. When investing in new technology the most important factor is to get the optimum price-performance ratio for your needs. Especially used equipment can be a good deal since new investments will lose as quickly in value as when you purchase a new vehicle.

When it comes to finding used equipment for your production PFP can guide you from start to end. Not only are we a dealer here in the US, we also have many years of experience dealing with our trusted partners overseas. Especially when it comes to support you with your needs in the early stage of a project all the way to installing the machinery including operator training, you deal with us! We will make sure that all your questions are answered and guide you throughout the project. Even dealing with customs and transportation when importing machines will be handled by us and our connections. Being able to have your partner on the same continent, working with you, listening to your needs and capable of resolving possible problems will make your next project easy.

Purchasing new equipment should not end when it arrives at your loading dock. Having your partner installing it, train your operators and assist you with any problems beyond your purchase is our specialty. You expect your money to buy you exactly what you paid for and PFP will keep their word.
Many years of manufacture experience with still great connections, extensive database around the world, reliable knowledge and a great reputation among customers all over the world makes PFP the best choice for your new investment.

Installing your new equipment can easily get very overwhelming. There are many ways on the market to have you machine installed but there is only one correct way. To ensure that the machine you buy will look the same at your facility you should have the same team who dismantled it installing it. Our factory trained engineers will dismantle your equipment ensuring that all parts are correctly dismantled and marked. We will pack, load and transport your items safely anywhere in the world.
PFP can offer you anything from moving to turn key installations. Our highest priority is the complete care of our customers.
To ensure your production we can support you with basic operator training, production assistance to maximize your productivity. Our experience service technicians can advise you with tips & tricks for optimizing your production.
PFP understands this difficult economy time. Alternative in purchasing new equipment we can offer you excellent rebuilds on your existing machines and help you making the right decision. Our staff has the knowledge and understanding to not only rebuilding your equipment, it is our goal to bring the machine to the original factory specifications for optimum performance, quality and longevity.

Need parts? With our close connection to print finishing re-builders in Germany we are able to import new and used parts like rebuild binder clamps, old electronic boards and much more for our industry. We can offer you re-build glue pots and other parts for our existing machine.

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