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WST anounced new agent for Canada

Press Release, January 2008

Rahden, Germany – January 2008. WST SYSTEMTECHNIK GmbH of Rahden, Germany (the developer and producer of the former OPTICONTROL) has announced a new, exclusive partner for the Canadian market, the company PFS&S, Sarasota FL to present and serve the print finishing industry with the WST bindery control systems.

For the last two years PFS&S is already the partner for WST at the US market and has been very successful.

In the late 1980’s, WST SYSTEMTECHNIK GmbH, located in Rahden, Germany, commenced the development of a system for automatic signature recognition for the print finishing industry. The first systems were offered under the name OPTICONTROL in 1991.

In the following years, a whole variety of control systems were designed so that signature recognition could be offered in different areas for the print finishing industry. The systems have been improved constantly since then, responding to changing requirements of the finishing process.

The OPTICONTROL signature recognition systems have been sold worldwide through our sales partner OPTIGRAF, Switzerland, in North America through the distributor OPTIGRAF USA.

At Drupa 2004 the companies OPTIGRAF and WST SYSTEMTECHNIK GmbH separated. Since then WST is selling the CONTROL SYSTEMS through their own sales organization.

At the same time the name of the former OPTICONTROL signature recognition systems were changed into WST CONTROL SYSTEMS and are manufactured and sold today under the short name OSC 1-1 or OSC 4-60. WST has sold and installed more than 40,000 sensor systems worldwide.

Drupa 2004 was also used to introduce the next generation of the system for 100% finishing control, the BARCODE signature recognition systems, OBC 1-1 and OBC 4-60. More than 10,000 barcode readers have been sold and installed worldwide. A perfect system family for the control of many processes in the post press business what is not allowing any mistakes.

In order to serve the Canadian market better WST SYSTEMTECHNIK GmbH has expanded his partner chip with PRINT FINISHING SALES & SERVICES and included this territory so the complete North American market is now exclusive handled by one partner.

PRINT FINISHING SALES & SERVICES of Sarasota, FL also known as PFS&S is headed up by the industry veteran Volker Petzold. In 2007 Volker has celebrated 40 years in serving the print finishing industry.

For more information please call Volker at 941.927.5933.

Volker’s e-mail address is: or visit our website

We wish our (new) partner good luck and a lot of success.



Peter Wenzke                               Claus Bokaemper

Managing Director                           Technical Director & International Sales Manager


Agfa Graphics

Agfa Graphics Launches: ApogeeX with Automatic Barcode Generation.

Ensures Seamless Integration of Pre-press and Post-press Equipment by Adding Reliability, Control and Automation.

  • Press release
  • Mortsel, Belgium
  • July 16, 2007 16:00

Agfa Graphics announced today that :ApogeeX 3.5, Agfa's award-winning prepress production workflow software, now provides automatic generation of barcodes. These barcodes, which contain valuable production information of the printing project, ensure the seamless integration of prepress, press and post-press equipment by adding reliability, control and automation, and allows smooth printing and finishing (cutting and folding). :ApogeeX 3.5 supports four different barcode standards that can be read by press and post-press equipment providers WST Systemtechnik GmbH, Müller Martini AG (, Nela GmbH ( and Lehner GmbH (

:ApogeeX 3.5 offers a variety of prepress automation tasks, which has now been extended with controlled automation features towards post-press equipment. :ApogeeX dynamically generates barcodes which can be used to prevent errors during collation and folding of printed sheets.

To allow the integration of current post-press equipment, :ApogeeX supports different barcode standards including the 2/5 interleaved standard used by WST Systemtechnik GmbH, the Code128c and 2/5 interleaved read by Müller Martini AG, Code39 of Nela GmbH and the datamatrix standard supported by RCC9 (Lehner GmbH) .

"The dynamic barcode generation by :ApogeeX significantly enhances the post-press efficiency and reliability," said Erik Peeters, Product Manager of :ApogeeX, Agfa Graphics. "Together with our partners of post-press solutions, we are proud to support an integrated workflow solution that prevents errors on a finished product and helps commercial printers to be more efficient."

Star Publishing GmbH of Böblingen (, responsible for DaimlerChrysler publications, co-operate exclusively with suppliers using a bar-coding system. Star Publishing uses the barcode-supported monitoring system developed by "WST Systemtechnik," a company based in Espelkamp. WST offers optical sheet control, matching and mailing systems for the printing industry and has developed a unique and patented multi-track-barcode scanner, which is able to detect a barcode mark with a height of only 0,9mm. If necessary, it is possible to combine the barcode system with additional image detection. Using a printed barcode, it identifies the appropriate page and offers 100 per cent security when gathering the printed pages.

"Our customers expect 100 per cent quality and delivery reliability, particularly products that have a large number of sheets and are printed in different languages. They cannot be produced with missing parts. By using the barcode system, we can target and optimize production times and quality in order to achieve a high efficiency benefit for the enterprise," said Ramona Kaden, Managing Director of Star Publishing. "Thanks to the automatic positioning we can achieve with :ApogeeX and the AsirCode on all pages of individual jobs, the productivity and reliability of our production has again increased," said Pedro Castillejo, manager for postpress operations, AVD Goldach ( "Our prepress operators only have to position the barcode one time per template on the first page. :ApogeeX then automatically actualises the barcode for every page of the job. This results in less manual labour and higher reliability, because the barcoding process prevents mistakes, especially with bigger and more complex print jobs. At the same time, we can monitor the production flow more efficiently and check if the right pages are in the proper sequence on the correct production machine," Castillejo added.

Erwin Busselot
Public Relations Manager
Septestraat 27
2640 Mortsel - Belgium
tel:++ 32 (0) 3 444 4101

WST Signature recognition system update

WST Control Systems Signature Recognition Systems:

A large wave of OBC Barcode reading system installations in Europe is now reaching North America. Just a few weeks ago we completed the installation of two WST OBC4-60 Barcode Reading Systems and one of our standard OSC4-60 Sensor Systems (formally known as Opticontrol). Clients here are learning that a mistake proof barcode quality control system is a win for them and a win for their customers. WST will be speaking in June at the next R & E Council in Atlanta. As the exclusive WST distributor in the US, we will be there too, along with the embedded quality control and barcode reading systems. If you’d like to attend please see the following website for more information:

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