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Press release Transcontinental

Transcontinental has purchased a high speed inline paper drill. The 245-10 from Hang will be the fastest and most advanced paper drill in Canada. Servo drive technology for book transportation and drill heads, production up to 3” pile heights and 2.000 piles per hour are just a few of the extremely powerful and progressive technology Hang offers in their top-of-the-line inline drill.


Spare parts from Hang

PFP has increased their parts inventory for Hang drills. We now stock more parts here in the US to better and faster serve your equipment with original parts for your drill.

We now offer rebuilding your drill head as well.


Press release Master Graphics

Master Graphics, Atlanta invests in quality controls
PFP has just completed the installation of a WST CAM 4-60 camera system on an Muller Martini Starbinder at Master Graphics.
The high resolution camera system was added to the MM gatherer and cover deck of the Starbinder in order to have images taken for comparison or read the Barcode C128.

ImageCertain jobs and especially manuals for the automobile require job matching function where signature sequence order, cover and job # are being matched.
The operator only has to enter the ticket # created in the pre-press department and the WST system will do the rest. All barcodes will be arranged in sequence for the available gatherer pockets and cover feeder.
Therefore loading of the wrong signatures during make-ready is eliminated.


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