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Muller Martini Alegro Binding Line

Ref# 4462
Year Manufactured:2011
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Muller Martini Alegro Binding Line

Muller Martini Gathering Machine
Model: 3696, 24” pin spacing
20 x 3696 gathering station with universal bases
1 x Hand feeding station
20 x ASIR 3
20 x ASAC
1 x 3717 reject unit with cross conveyor
1 x 3639 Spiral Raceway element
1 x 3642 Book Block feeder

Muller Martini Perfect Binder

Model: Alegro with 19 clamps, 24” pin spacing
MM Alegro with 19 clamps
Automatic make-ready with Commander
BDC book data center
Main milling station
2 x Spine preparation units
1 x Hotmelt spine glue station with Premelter
1 x PUR - VPN spine gluing with On Demand melting
1 x PUR side glue unit
1 x Universal Drum Cover feeder with 4 scoring wheels
2 x Cover pressing station
1 x Lay-down delivery unit
Muller Martini conveyor system with cooling tower

Muller Martini Three-Knife Trimmers
Model: Orbit
Right handed infeed
Automatic make-ready and control system
Motorized adjustments for size changes
Fine adjustments for head/foot trim, front trim, pressing block pressure and
Speed can be made on-the fly while machine is running
Automatic knife stroke control, no book - no cut
1 set of standard cutting cassette system, (# 6 to 19)
2 sets of carbide knifes
2 sets of plastic cutting sticks
1 set of standard clamp plates holder
Knife changing device
Technical documentations

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